Itasca Technology Exchange has invested resources in the development of some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and technology infrastructure in the region. ITE partnered with leaders in the services industry to facilitate a highly reliable, redundant, secure and robust network and collocation environment to enable highly data-intensive companies to maintain and grow critical systems that support the development of their business. The ITE Data and Network Services model is superior in reliability, security, access and design:


  • dedicated power source to the data center backed up with:
    • two Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units
    • permanent onsite natural gas generator


  • secured network server and UPS rooms
  • secured collocation cabinets
  • access control and security system for unescorted access via proximity card and around-the-clock access monitoring
  • security and monitoring system for various trouble alarm conditions including fire, environmental control, access alarms, AC power fail, UPS/generator alarms


  • fully fiber-based connectivity directly to the provider POP via DS3
  • network powered by recently updated Cisco equipment
  • served by several SONET based transit providers and dark fiber access allows customers to provision WAN links to other offices, partners, or peering points as needed
  • redundant connectivity via Paul Bunyan Communication's vast data network


  • colocation facility designed specifically for its purpose
  • infrastructure considered well before the facility buildout
    • FM200 clean agent, fire suppression system
    • air sampling and environmental control systems
    • dedicated facility HVAC
    • fully grounded anti-static floor base